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Kansas City Residents Weigh In On City’s Wide-Reaching Housing Plan

Rising concerns about gentrification, eviction and long-overlooked disparities in the quality of housing in Kansas City, Missouri, have created soaring interest in addressing housing problems, particularly on the city's east side.

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The Rapper Known As "Sauce" On Soulful Music And Social Justice

Sauce talks about his upcoming album, #soulfood4, which includes an apology to black women on behalf of black men.

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Forty years is a long time to spend in one place, doing one thing. Especially when the goal is to ruffle feathers.

But that's what the Unicorn Theatre's producing artistic director Cynthia Levin has done, turning an anti-establishment theater into an established venue.

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Cover your eyes if you must, but this weekend portends some pretty revealing stuff, including: Legendary songwriter insights! Exposed garage rock! Pulchritudinous prestidigitation!

Sure, it could get heavy. But at least take a peek.

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Sherry Cromwell-Lacy is well-known in Kansas City for her curatorial eye. She helped open the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, directed exhibitions at the Kansas City Art Institute for more than 20 years and has worked as an independent curator.

Cromwell-Lacy is also an artist who has shown her work around the country. But until this month, she's never had a solo show.

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If there were something like a Chinatown for Cherokee people, says author Traci Sorell, it would be easier for non-Native American people to know more about these indigenous people.

“They are your neighbors, they’re the children in your classroom, they’re the people walking into your library, they’re your colleagues at work,” says Sorell, a registered member of the Cherokee Nation.

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The Kansas Legislature agreed to pay education nonprofit Teach For America more than $500,000 this year for a pilot program to recruit 12 teachers to the state.

But the national organization only recruited three teachers for the state in 2018.  All of them were placed in Kansas City, Kansas, where the local school district pays their salaries and benefits on top of another $3,000 per teacher per year to Teach For America.

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The Kansas City Council approved a sweeping proposal Thursday to revitalize some of the poorest parts of eastern Kansas City, Missouri.

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Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway's performance audit of Jackson County started Thursday. First up is COMBAT, the county's Community-Backed Anti-Crime Tax that brings in around $20 million per year.

The Jackson County legislature requested the county-wide audit in January, after a year of infighting at the expense of taxpayers, spurred by a fight for control of COMBAT, between Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker and Executive Frank White. 

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Kansas City’s aviation director assured city officials earlier this month that the airlines that use Kansas City International airport were fine with a higher price tag for a new single terminal.

On Thursday, it was revealed that’s not necessarily the case. 

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More than 1,000 people packed the grand first floor of the Kansas City Public Library's downtown branch Wednesday night to see the cast of Netflix's "Queer Eye."  

It was the biggest crowd the library has had for an event, spokeswoman Courtney Lewis said of the Fab Five's book launch.

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While property crime has mostly been going down over the last decade, one kind has spiked in Missouri.

Auto thefts are up. Way up. “Missouri is a leader, unfortunately in the nation in terms of auto theft,” says Cpl. Nate Bradley with the Missouri Highway Patrol.

How bad is it?

In Kansas City, police say, auto thefts are up 20 percent in the last year and up by a third over the last six.


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Kansas Jayhawks Make A High-Profile Hire With New Football Coach Les Miles

Les Miles is 65, but he’s not prepared to dig into his retirement savings nor the $1.5 million buyout settlement he agreed to last week with LSU football. That buyout, which was far less than what LSU had agreed to pay Miles through 2023, paved the way for him to accept a new challenge: turn around the moribund football program at the University of Kansas.

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For This Kansas City Painting Legend, Art Comes Before Age

You may have seen him before, painting trees in Loose Park, but 94-year-old Wilbur Niewald has been putting Kansas City landscapes on canvas since the 1970s.