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Better Off When Off The Grid

Dec 5, 2012

As you wonder at what gifts you might be getting this holiday season, have you ever consider what you could live without?  What modern conveniences would you be willing to give up?  How far "off the grid" do you think you could live?  We're joined by Eric Brende, a man who dropped out of an MIT graduate program and moved with his wife to a remote community that lives entirely off the grid.  He shares his 18 month experience on Central Standard.

Credit Mr. Brende's book

Independence and self-reliance are hallmarks of American cultural identify.  But, we live in lives where food can be delivered to our homes and information pours into our palms in limitless quantities.  Has it made us better?  Have machines, computers and technology afforded us the luxuries of leisure and fulfillment or have they made us slaves to their attainment?  Eric Brende decided to discover for himself what it truly means to provide for ones self.

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