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Biden Hits Lee's Summit On Election Eve

Nov 3, 2008

Lee's Summit, Missouri – Senator Joe Biden says the Republicans are out of touch, and waging a nasty campaign against Senator Obama. The Democratic Vice Presidential nominee was in Lee's Summit, Missouri on Monday morning.

Senator Biden needled Senator John McCain for supporting President Bush on taxes, regulation and other fiscal policy. He called McCain a sidekick, not a maverick. Biden then accused the McCain/Palin campaign of taking on an overly negative tone, that he says has undercut prospects to reunite the country after tomorrow.

Biden: This can't be a Democratic solution, we need Republicans in the congress to join us. We need to bring this country back together. And quite frankly, John McCain and Sara Palin have made it more difficult in the last couple of weeks.

This kind of confidence has lead McCain to accuse Obama of "measuring the drapes" in the White House. Neither side is taking Missouri for granted. Polls show the state to tighter than any other, going into this election.