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December Event Termed New Link To Missing Baby

May 21, 2012

More than seven months after the puzzling disappearance of 10-month-old Lisa Irwin from her parents’ Kansas City home, her mother and father went on national television today purporting to have new evidence.

With their lawyer present in an NBC television studio, the parents of the missing child said they suspect there is a connection to a stolen bank card.  The information was learned late last year.

Jeremy Irwin was appearing on the NBC Today Show via Kansas City KSHB TV.  He said his debit card was used weeks after the toddler vanished, used to connect with a United Kingdom company that allows adults to change their babies’ names.  

Irwin said he found a $69.04 charge to his card, and “when we first found out about this back in December, that’s where it used to go, to the website where you could change somebody’s name online.”  Irwin said the site no longer connects to the service.

Irwin said police had the information but report no progress.  He said the family talks often with the FBI.

Kansas City Police Captain Steve Young said the information has yielded nothing.

Baby Lisa was last seen at her parents’ Northland home on October 3rd of last year. 

The child’s mother, Deborah Bradley, later said she had been drinking heavily and fell asleep. Her husband came home early the next morning to find the door open and an empty crib.

Captain Young said the case is still actively open when genuine new leads arise and the child is considered to have been abducted or generally in the category of missing.