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EPA To Hold Public Forum On Carbon Emission In Kansas

Nov 4, 2013

The Environmental Protection Agency is looking for input on how to cut carbon emissions from the nation's power plants, but they're doing it in a different way this time around. They're looking for ideas from the public during 11 hearings nationwide, including a hearing Monday in Lenexa, Kan.  

Normally, the EPA would research the issue, develop some proposed rules and then take public comments on the proposals. But this time, they’re first looking for ideas from the public, the industry and stakeholders for ways to reduce carbon emissions from power plants.

“In this particular instance, the rule has not been written yet,” says the EPA David Bryan. “We have a blank slate and people can come in and get their ideas on record so we can talk about it and work on a rule that would be out before next June.”

After the public meetings, federal officials will consider those ideas when writing regulations.  There will be another comment period on the rule after it is released next year.

The event will be 4 to 8 p.m. at the EPA facility in Lenexa. People who want to comment can register in advance online or just show up to the hearing.

Written comments can also be submitted to the EPA on their website.