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Farm Bill Expires, SNAP Benefits, Pageant in Drag, KC Ballet Debut

Miss Gay Kansas City 2013, Heidi Banks, is crowned on stage at Hamburger Mary's in Kansas City, Mo.
Credit Esther Honig / KCUR

The Farm Bill Expired This Week, What Does That Mean For You?

All the talk in Washington this week was about Obamacare, the government shutdown and the upcoming debt ceiling debate. But in the background of all that, Congress quietly let the Farm Bill expire.  It was due for renewal at the end of last year but extended until Monday, Sept. 30.  Now in October, we have no Farm Bill and some serious divisions about major aspects of the legislation. Harvest Public Media's Jeremy Bernfeld gives us an update on the status of the legislation, and how it affect farmers and the hungry.

With Waiver Expired, Some Kansans Will Have To Work For Food Stamps

This week, new food stamp eligibility requirements went into effect for unemployed people in Kansas. Now, any healthy Kansan between 18 and 49 who doesn’t have kids or other dependents will have to work or be in a job training program to earn SNAP benefits. Advocates for low-income communities say these cuts will create a dangerous hole in an already thin safety net.

Measuring The Impact Of Food Stamp Cuts

Kansas’ new rules for food stamp recipients require them to work if they are able-bodied and have no dependents. These are federal requirements that were in effect until 2009, but were waived across the country when the recession hit.  Kansas is one of a handful of states that are voluntarily re-instating those rules.  But if Congress makes major cuts to the SNAP program, Kansas’ culling of the food stamp rolls could be a preview of what’s to come for the rest of the country. We open up the discussion to talk about food stamps, hunger issues and their connection to the Farm Bill. 

What IS That?: The Story Behind The 'Enchanted' House In Red Bridge

KC Currents’ Susan Wilson asked "What is that?" every time she drove past this sprawling, elaborately decorated property in South Kansas City’s Red Bridge neighborhood. Finally, she had to stop by and meet the owner, who takes home and garden to a whole new level.

Miss Gay Kansas City Event Is Pageantry, Drag Style

Miss Gay Kansas City is one of the oldest female impersonation pageants in the country. This year’s competition marks the 32nd anniversary. It took place last Saturday at Hamburger Mary’s in the Crossroads.  Hear an audio postcard of the event.

Kansas City Ballet Debuts Work By New Director

The new artistic director Devon Carney is slipping a brand new production into the ballet’s season opener next weekend. Opus 1 provides a hint of the vision he has for the company.