Four Arrested During Black Lives Matter March On Ferguson Anniversary | KCUR

Four Arrested During Black Lives Matter March On Ferguson Anniversary

Aug 9, 2015

Around 100 activists gathered outside the Ward Parkway Center in Kansas City Sunday for the one-year anniversary of the fatal police shooting of Ferguson, Missouri teen Michael Brown.

Social justice organization One Struggle KC organized the event in Brown's memory, but also to call attention to black citizens who have been killed in the Kansas City metro.

A few protesters lie on the ground in the intersection. Police responded quickly and arrested four people.
Credit Cody Newill / KCUR

The group marched around the mall to 85th Terrace and State Line Road where they taped off the intersection and several members laid on the ground after being mock shot by water guns. 

About a dozen police and mounted patrolmen ended up arresting four of the activists for not moving from the street. There was a tense standoff for about 15 minutes afterwards until protesters marched away from the intersection.

One Struggle co-founder Diane Burkholder says the group is outraged at the police shootings of Ryan Stokes and Javon Hawkins by the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department.

"People think Kansas City is unique, and unfortunately Kansas City is not unique," Burkholder said. "There's been no official discussion of [Hawkins' death] from the KCPD and Chief Darryl Forté has ignored the issue."

The protestors also took time to eulogize 25 black women who have either been killed by police or found dead in police custody. Rekia Boyd, Sandra Bland and Alexia Christian were just a few that were mentioned before the march. 

The KCPD did not immediately return calls for comment, but Chief Darryl Forté did comment about the protest on Twitter. Here are a few of his Tweets: