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Google Fiber Hooked Up At First House

Nov 14, 2012

Google Fiber has generated a lot of buzz since it was first announced, but it’s getting put to its first real-world test.

Installations of Google’s one-gigabit internet service began today in the Hanover Heights neighborhood in Kansas City, Kansas.  

Fiber will be brought to homes in two steps.  First an installer will put a box on the side of the house.  Then Google will make an appointment with the customer to run the fiber inside and set up the router and DVR for TV.

Installations will ramp up in 2013 after Google installs its first two neighborhoods. 

Google also announced something called MyFiber that will let customers manage their accounts and internet devices from one page. 

A few questions about the new internet service remain such as when businesses can get the service and what happens when people move.