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KanCare, Heritage Turkeys, Janelle Monae

Nov 21, 2013

Heritage turkeys roam freely at Good Shepherds Poultry Ranch in Lindsborg, Kansas.
Credit Esther Honig / KCUR

KanCare Means Big Medicaid Cuts For Prairie Village Man

Finn Buller was born with a rare degenerative disease that has required a lot of complicated medical care including 24/7 in-home care. Now, as Kansas privatizes the state's Medicaid, Buller has found the services he depends on may be getting cut back.

Is KanCare Working?

At the beginning of the year, Kansas launched KanCare, the first privatized managed care system for delivering Medicaid coverage. We discuss how well the program is cutting costs and improving care so far with Kansas' director of Medicaid services and an analyst from the Kansas Health Institute.

Tell KCUR: How Long Have You Been Without Health Insurance? 

As part of KCUR’s ongoing reporting on health care in the Kansas City area, we wanted to know more about your experiences with gaps in health insurance. We reached out on social media and on the air, asking Kansas Citians about their longest breaks from insurance.

Meet The Saddest Man In Kansas On Thanksgiving

For Kansas farmer Frank Reese, Thanksgiving is a sad holiday. He raises heritage turkeys, a breed very different than those you can buy at in a modern-day supermarket. Few farmers in this country are still raising that kind, and many breeds of the bird are endangered.

Janelle Monae Talks About KC Roots Of Her Eclectic Style

Last weekend was a homecoming for Kansas City Kansas native Janelle Monae, a rising star in soul, pop and hip hop. She had her first local headliner at the Uptown Theatre on Friday night. Before her show, Monae sat down with Jon Hart at KCPT’s studios. We brought you some excerpts of that conversation.