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Lab Tests May Identify Drug That Killed Northland Teen

Oct 9, 2013

It’s becoming more clear why investigators  haven’t publicly identified the drug that killed a Park Hill High School Student October 4. 

Ethan Rickman, who was 14-years-old, died after taking what he thought was LSD.

Two 17 and 18-year-old women from Riverside have since been charged with selling  an imitation drug.  

Eric Zahnd is Platte County Prosecutor.

“The reality of this case is, to this day, we don’t know what killed this young man," said Zahn, five days after Rickman died. "That drug is at the lab being tested, even as we speak.”

Zahnd hopes to learn enough to  send a warning to parents, teachers and other would-be users what to look for and avoid.

Zahnd said it’s also disturbing that synthetic illegal drugs can be made with an unsophisticated knowledge of chemistry and that, as more is learned about makers of the drugs, more people may be charged.

Eighteen-year-old Jamell Montgomery and 17 year old Krista Meeks are facing a variety of charges and initially were sent to Platte County Jail in lieu of $25,000 bond each.