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Lee Langston Carries The Soul Music Torch, Breaking Down Google Fiber’s Kansas City Plans

The show for Sunday, July 29, and Monday, July 30:

Lee Langston Carries The Soul Music Torch
Kansas City vocal artist Lee Langston has been a fixture on the local music scene for the past several years.  His covers of neo-soul music have attracted a faithful audience of young urban professionals.  Langston’s “tribute” shows, celebrating the music of artists like Erykah Badu and Lauren Hill have drawn sold out crowds.  He recently assembled a musical tribute show to the neo-soul artist D’Angelo.

Adjusting To Life In Kansas City With HIV
Last week, thousands of people from around the world convened in Washington D.C. to study the global HIV/AIDS crisis.  But in the Kansas City region, more than 6,000 people are living with HIV. That includes Bester Seemani, who says an AIDS diagnosis twelve years ago completely changed her life and her journey back home. Seemani, joined by her daughter Sue, told KCUR’s Elana Gordon that one of the biggest struggles, and paths to healing, has been dealing with the stigma of the disease in the U.S and in Africa.

Heat stress? Now there's a cow app for that
When a cow is stressed from the heat, it affects a producer’s bottom line. The animal eats less, meaning less mass in beef cattle. For dairy farmers, the hurt comes in the form of a 10 to 20 percent loss in milk. Researchers at the University of Missouri think some of this can be prevented by putting information in the hands of producers. They’ve built a tool that can detect the threat of heat stress in specific animals.

When Prospect Was Main
Back in the 50s and 60s Prospect Avenue was a bustling center of pride, position and of prospect. In an excerpt from an upcoming feature on Central Standard, host Jabulani Leffall talks to local historian and writer Joe Louis Mattox about “When Prospect Avenue was Main Street.” Hear about a time before crime and ideas to redevelop the area.

My Farm Roots
Harvest Public Media started a series called My Farm Roots. These are Americans’ stories and memories of rural life. Harvest Public media’s Camille Phillips shares a story from her great-aunt Jan Phillips about an unusual incident that she experienced with a cow when she was a baby.

Breaking Down Google Fiber’s Plans For Kansas City
1100 other cities wanted it – but we got it- Google Fiber.  Since it was announced that ‘we got it’ about a year and a half ago, Kansas City has been eagerly waiting for details.  Google announced details for Fiber at a highly anticipated and hyped press conference last Thursday.  Hear a conversation with Alyson Raletz who covers technology and entrepreneurship for the Kansas City Business Journal, about the announcement.