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Mo. Voter Fraud, Operation Breakthrough, KC Creative Couples

Aug 19, 2013

Zhou Long and Chen Yi have taught for more than a decade at the UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance in Kansas City, Mo.
Credit Julie Denesha / KCUR

What Will Royster's Case Tells Us About Voter Fraud In Kansas City

In June, a Kansas City couple pleaded guilty to voter fraud in the 2010 Democratic primary.  Even in a low-turnout primary for a state legislature seat, two votes would normally be a drop in a bucket.  But in this race, John Joseph Rizzo defeated Will Royster by a margin of 1 vote. Rizzo went on to win the election and was re-elected to the seat in 2012.  The couple, who voted in a district where they didn’t live, is Rizzo’s aunt and uncle.  The Pitch's Steve Vockrodt recently wrote about the case.

As Founding Nuns Age, Operation Breakthrough Looks Forward

For more than three decades, the two nuns who’ve run Operation Breakthrough have provided mostly single moms the freedom to work. In the beginning, Sister Berta Sailer and Sister Carita Bussanmas had an informal arrangement to watch a handful of kids whose mothers could not afford child care. Today, Operation Breakthrough has an $8 million budget, cares for more than 500 kids, and offers a medical and dental clinic, food and clothes pantry, social workers and therapists. But as the charismatic nuns age and face retirement, the alumnae of Operation Breakthrough and administration are having to think about the future of the agency.

State Fairs: A Summer Tradition

It’s August. The days are growing shorter, fall is approaching, but summer isn’t done just yet. All over the country folks are flocking to that ultimate summer tradition – the state fair. Carnival rides and games, meat on a stick, livestock competitions – the Midwest does state fairs right.

A Hip Hop Collaboration Born On Twitter: Gee Watts and Kendrick Lamar

Many young, urban men see rap music as a ticket to a better, more prosperous life. But few ever even get a start in the music industry. 22-year-old Gee Watts, however, has a good a chance as any. His new mix tape Watts Up has been featured in Quincy Jones’ music magazine, the Source and other major industry publications and blogs--that's all due to collaboration with rising hip hop star Kendrick Lamar.

Hallmark Petitioned For Hospice Cards

It seems like there’s a greeting card for everything these days: But what about a card for being in hospice, or at the end stages of life? That’s the idea of a high-profile patient advocate, who’s turned her attention to Kansas City, because of Hallmark, of course.

Kansas City Creative Couples: Zhou & Chen

This week in our series on Kansas City’s Creative Couples series we profile composers Zhou Long and Chen Yi.