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Nixon Outlines Rural High Speed Broadband Expansion

Aug 6, 2010

Kansas City, MO – Governor Jay Nixon outlined a $49 million federal award yesterday to expand rural high speed broadband access.

The state of Missouri is partnering with Big River Telephone Co., Finally Broadband, and Socket Telecom to bring the last mile of fiber optic line to rural homes, businesses, and hospitals.

Governor Nixon spoke in Cape Girardeau, comparing the project to the construction of the Interstate Highway system in the 20th century. He touted the plan as an opportunity to improve rural commerce, education, and health care. The state is at an economic crossroads, the governor says, and broadband access is crucial for future economic well-being.

"To move forward, we must embrace science, technology, and innovation to create the jobs of the future," Nixon said. "Ensuring access to broadband internet in every school and every business and every hospital isn't a luxury. It is vital to getting our economy moving forward again and to compete in the 21st century."

The project will open broadband access to over 93,000 homes and approximately 15,000 businesses.