Officer-Involved Shooting Of Suicidal Overland Park Teenager Was 'Justified,' Authorities Say | KCUR

Officer-Involved Shooting Of Suicidal Overland Park Teenager Was 'Justified,' Authorities Say

Feb 20, 2018

Johnson County authorities announced Tuesday that the fatal, officer-involved shooting of 17-year-old John Albers was justified. 

The announcement comes one month after Overland Park police were dispatched to a home in south Overland Park, responding to a report of a suicidal person.

As indicated by dispatcher tape, the 911 caller reported that Albers, a high-school student at Blue Valley Northwest, had taken pills, was drinking heavily and threatening to stab himself.

Two officers arrived on the scene and were approaching by foot when the home's garage door began to open. One officer walked toward the garage, thinking that Albers' mother had opened the door, according to Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe. 

Newly released dash-cam footage shows a van, driven by Albers, accelerating toward the officer, who yelled, "Stop the car," before firing twice. The van stopped, and the officer lowered his weapon.

But within seconds, the footage shows, the van reversed in a rapid "J" turn following the officer over the lawn and driveway. The officer fired 11 more times.

"In this case, police were called to this residence to perform what is known as 'community caretaking.' They were there to stop a young man from committing suicide," Howe said in a written statement. "They never got that opportunity."

Though the situation was "tragic," Howe said, the officer had reason to fear for his life and it was necessary to fire his weapon.

The officer will not face criminal charges for the shooting. He has also resigned for personal reasons, according to officials.

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