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Paddlefish Caviar, Frida & Diego, Rural Librarian

Jul 15, 2013

KC Regional Health Assessment Finds Rising Rates of Obesity, Poverty

Since 2000, poverty in the metro area has increased by 75 percent. A quarter of the population is currently uninsured or on Medicaid.  And the number of elderly people in the area will double in the next three decades. Those are just a few of findings in a new regional health assessment produced by the Mid-America Regional Council.

Why Caviar Producers Are At Odds With An Oklahoma Program

A sample of caviar produced by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.
Credit Ryan Schuessler / KCUR

The American paddlefish is a pretty bizarre-looking creature, aptly named because of the long, flat appendage jutting out of its head.  The prehistoric species is native to North America, but it’s developed a world-wide reputation for its caviar. But in recent years, those in the industry are facing an unexpected competitor, and are now finding it more and more difficult to make a living off this domestic delicacy.

Dining On Milkweed, Nettles And Dandelions

Need a snack? Well, here’s an even more local alternative: just turn to a crack in the sidewalk or that abandoned lot next to the post office. Some urban Americans are taking the term locavore to a whole new level. Or, actually, a really old level.

New Librarian Seeks To Turn One-Room, Rural Library Into Hub For Learning, Community 

We’re pretty spoiled when it comes to public libraries in the Kansas City area. But in rural parts of Missouri and Kansas, it’s not so easy to check out a book, or find a story hour for your kids. Just north of the Missouri-Arkansas state line, on a country highway, there's a quaint, stone building that locals say dates back to the Works Progress Administration. And inside is one woman who sees herself as a curator.

The Tempestuous Relationship Of Frida Kahlo And Diego Rivera

This summer, Kansas City has been plastered with the iconic image of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. That’s because of the Modern Mexico exhibit at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.  The centerpiece of the exhibit, which is based on the collection of Jacques and Natasha Gelman, is a set of paintings by Kahlo, and her husband, Diego Rivera. Hear about Kahlo and Rivera's tempestuous relationship, and how it influenced their art.