Royals Claim First Place In AL Central After 3-2 Win | KCUR

Royals Claim First Place In AL Central After 3-2 Win

Aug 12, 2014

The Kansas City Royals took over first place in the American League Central and lead Detroit by a half-game.

They defeated the Oakland Athletics, 3-2, Monday night for their eighth win in a row.

Before Royals closer Greg Holland nailed down the game’s final out, the final score of the Tigers game flashed on the outfield wall scoreboard: Pittsburgh 11, Detroit 6.

Then Royals centerfielder Jarrod Dyson used his lightning speed to flag down a fly ball for the final out. To mark the moment, Dyson did a backflip.

“I just had to do something for the crowd and for the boys,” said Dyson while referring to his teammates.

On July 21, the Royals were eight games out of first, but Royals slugger Billy Butler, who’s had his own batting struggles this season, said the team savored the moment.

“We’re out there playing and we’re out there having fun,” said Butler. “We’re having a blast. It’s been a grind.”

Before the game, the Royals announced the pickup of Josh Willingham from the Minnesota Twins, another hitter capable of hitting homeruns.