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Slaughterhouse Shadows, Missouri Lobbying, Post Office Veterans' Display

Mumino Abdullahi, seated here with her family, is a 26-year-old Somali refugee who trains workers to debone, cut and pack chicken at the Tyson plant in Noel, Mo.
Credit Abbie Fentress Swanson/Harvest Public Media / KCUR

Chasing The American Dream In Rural Kansas And Missouri

For many generations, meatpacking plants in Kansas City were a place where immigrants found a foothold in U.S. society. Now, these plants have moved to rural areas, and the children of immigrant and refugee workers face more challenges in getting an education and pursuing their dreams. Harvest Public Media asked young people in Noel, Mo. and Garden City, Kan. about their aspirations.

Children Of Immigrant Meatpackers Find Opportunities In Rural Areas

Harvest Public Media visited Noel, Mo.and Garden City, Kan. to learn about the support system in rural areas for children of immigrant and refugee slaughterhouse workers. The reporters found very different approaches in the two communities. Those stories were reported in the series In the Shadows Of The Slaughterhouses. We discuss what they found, and how Garden City has become model for integration of immigrant and refugee children.

See Which Missouri Legislators Took Gifts From Lobbyists

Missouri is one of few states in the country where representatives can accept unlimited personal gifts and campaign contributions from lobbyists. Now there’s a new website that makes it easy for Missouri residents to see what gifts their state representatives are accepting, and from whom.

Check Out The Vast Veteran Portrait Gallery At An Overland Park Post Office

Although veterans are commonly remembered and celebrated on Veterans Day, there’s a post office in Overland Park, Kan., that honors them all year long. The Brookridge Post Office at 97th and Antioch Road has displayed photos of veterans from local families on its walls for years.