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Sudanese Refugees in KC

Mar 7, 2013

When South Sudan gained its independence from Sudan on July 9th 2011, it was the outcome of a peace deal that ended Africa’s longest running civil war; a war that resulted in millions of lives lost to ethnic and religious warfare. On this Central Standard, we explore the community of Sudanese refugees who now live in Kansas City.

We look at how these refugees stay connected with their home land while trying to adjust to a new city and culture and how they are trying to rebuild the South Sudan from afar. 

Our guests are Martin Okpareke, of Jewish Vocational Services, two Sudanese refugees, Rebecca Mabior and her husband John Akuei as well as their son Atem. The refugee family recently traveled back to the Sudan to show their son what their home country is like and help him in a project to provide school supplies to the children of South Sudan.