Top Of The Morning News: July 30, 2013 | KCUR

Top Of The Morning News: July 30, 2013

Jul 30, 2013

Wells are running dry in western Kansas as the drought enters its third year. Some 150 fast food workers kicked off a two-day strike Monday. Major League Soccer All Stars arrived in Kansas City for the All Star game.

Rural Kansas Wells Run Dry As Aquifer Dwindles

The drought, now in its third year in parts of western Kansas is taxing a resource that has been under pressure for decades: the High Plains Aquifer system. The aquifer is enormous, but it’s running low in places, forcing a move to dry land farming.

Kansas City Fast Food Strike Tied To National Minimum Wage Debate

Some Kansas City fast food workers walked off the job July 29 in a seven city effort to hike the minimum wage to $15 and guarantee right to organize unions. Some 150 people marched in front of the Burger King at 47th and Troost. Democratic Missouri Congressman Emanuel Cleaver joined in strike-support and argued for a higher minimum wage. 

MLS All Stars Share Excitement About Wednesday's Game

The Major League Soccer All Star Game team was arriving in Kansas City Monday as the hype and festivities grow for Wednesday’s big game. Sporting KC Coach Peter Vermes, who will coach the All Star team, told national and international media how proud he was about the success of soccer in Kansas City.