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Uganda's AIDS Orphans Educational Trust

Jun 19, 2006

Kansas City, MO – When Kansas City native Ginger Damron first went to Uganda as a volunteer, she ended up in the city of Jinja. She says people thought her name was a joke.

She also witnessed the ravages of AIDS first-hand, and got to know the work of Sam Tushabe, who started a sponsorship program for the children of AIDS victims called AIDS Orphans Educational Trust. Damron was so impressed with the program, she agreed to help them set up an office in the United States, to help fundraise for their work. Tushabe is now touring the United States with a small chorus of children, called the Chosen. They sang and danced all around Kansas City last weekend, including at St. Monica's Elementary School and Papa Lew's Soul Delicious Food Restaurant on 12th and Brooklyn. Sylvia Maria Gross caught up with them on the Plaza, where they were performing by the Penguin fountain near the J. Crew store.

Ginger Damron and Sam Tushabe of AIDS Orphans Educational Trust of Uganda.