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Unemployment In Missouri At Four-Year Low

Dec 18, 2012

Missouri’s unemployment rate is now at its lowest point in four years.

November’s jobless rate is at 6.7 percent, down from 6.9 percent in October.  At the same time, though, the state lost 6800 non-farm jobs last month.

John Fougere is with the Missouri Department of Economic Development.

“There’ll be blips from time to time, but we never focus on any one month of data when it comes to the number of jobs gained or lost, but instead the overall trend…right now the overall trend of Missouri’s economy appears to be positive," says Fougere.

Missouri’s November rate is one full percentage point below the national rate of 7.7 percent. 

Fougere says it’s the 39th month in a row that Missouri’s unemployment rate has been lower than the nation’s unemployment rate.