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Updates From Baton Rouge And Kansas City

Jul 18, 2016

The man suspected of killing three law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on Sunday morning appears to be from Kansas City, Missouri. Guest host Kyle Palmer brings you the latest from reporters on the ground in Baton Rouge and in Kansas City.


  • Steve Kraske is in Cleveland at the Republican National Convention. He tells us how the shooting has affected the convention.
  • Sam Zeff is an education reporter for KCUR.
  • Amy Jeffries is the Kansas elections editor at KCUR, and was previously the news director at WRKF in Baton Rouge.
  • Frank Morris is KCUR's national correspondent, and is reporting for NPR from Baton Rouge.
  • Rick Armstrong is the president of the Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission, and the former police chief of Kansas City, Kansas.