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[VIDEO] In This Scene...'Tormenta Quixotica'

Jul 20, 2013

In the dark and curious side of a dream, two children encounter a group of contortionists.
Credit Julie Denesha / KCUR

Two children experience many facets of a dream in the mystical tale of Tormenta Quixotica; on the dark and curious side of this dream, they encounter a group of contortionists.

Tormenta Quixotica, the first full-length production by Quixotic School of Performing Art's student company, is one of the more than 350 performances in this year's KC Fringe Festival, which kicks off on July 18.

Interview Highlights: Kate Munchoff

On the show's inspiration

"Tormenta Quixotica is inspired by a fantasy dream world in which two children awaken and are quickly separated by two spirit guides," says co-artistic director Kate Munchoff. "As they make their way through the world, they experience many facets of a dream, including the unnerving feeling you sometimes get when you realize you've wandered somewhere you probably shouldn't.

"The contortion act depicts the dark and curious side of the dream, where you are so intrigued you don't want to leave, despite your gut feeling that this isn't somewhere you want to stay long."

On creating a dream world

"Jenny (Prohaska, the director of Quixotic School) came to me with the show context and asked for my input on how we could make it happen," says Munchoff. "From that day on we started discussions on content, costumes, hair, makeup, choreography, lighting, rehearsals...everything, and the show just blossomed. Jenny has been the visionary of this show; it's really making her idea of this dream world come true."

On showcasing talent

"We wanted to bring Tormenta Quixotica to (KC) Fringe because we wanted an opportunity to showcase the incredible talent the Quixotic School of Performing Arts has to offer. And where better to do that than in our own backyard?" says Munchoff. "Fringe aligned perfectly with our timeline. It's a festival that we support, and it's the perfect location for friends and family of our student performers to come see their hard work and incredible skills."

KC Fringe Festival presents Tormenta Quixotica, July 20 - 27, Todd Bolender Center for Dance and Creativity, 500 W. Pershing, Kansas City, Mo., 816-931-2232. The KC Fringe Festival runs July 18 - 28.