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Want To Smoke? Kansas Citians Say To Stay At Home

May 22, 2014

Where should we still allow smoking in Kansas City, Mo.? Tweet your answer with the #TellKCUR hashtag.
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If you’re a smoker in Kansas City, Mo., feedback we received in an informal listener poll wasn’t very encouraging.

Smoking already is a no-no in Kansas City bars and restaurants.

And a ban on smoking in publicly-owned housing developments starts July 1 in Kansas City.  

We wanted to know: Where should we still allow smoking?  

When we asked the question on air and via social media all week, “Nowhere” was a common response. Many of the Facebook comments and tweets we received indicated public support to make the existing Kansas City smoking bans more restrictive.

The most popular exceptions were private party, including homes and cars, sometimes “with the windows up.”

“You can smoke in your car. You can smoke outside in your yard,” Emily Hanson tells us on Facebook. “As a mother of a child with asthma whose condition can flare up when walking through a cloud of smoke going into/out of buildings, my child's right to breathe clean air is more important.”

There was some opposition to smoking bans, however.

“Does anyone have the right to tell another person what they can and cannot do to their body?” Aaron Cash says on Facebook.

Lisa Correu adds: “So when will fatty foods or sugar be banned in public housing? Or in your house?”

See the highlights from the Twitter conversation below.

For the full Twitter stream, follow the #TellKCUR hashtag.

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