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What It's Like To Be A Religious Minority In America

Feb 27, 2014

Many politicians declare the United States to be a Christian nation-- but it’s not, even though the majority of the population is part of some stream of Christianity. The Founding Fathers, while using religion as a basis for some of their decisions, were very clear about making this a country with no official religion.

Steve Kraske examines America's religious melting pot on Thursday's Up to Date.
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But these days, if you belong to a different faith, how does that work for you in a Christian-majority nation? On Thursday's Up to Date, we talk about the issues religious minorities, such as Jews and Muslims, face in America.


  • Charles Cohen, professor at the University of Wisconsin and director of the Labor Institute for Study of the Abrahamic Religions
  • Rabbi Mark H. Levin, leader of Congregation Beth Torah in Overland Park
  • Mahnaz Shabbir, president of her management consulting company Shabbir Advisors and active member of not-for-profit boards such as the Crescent Peace Society

HEAR MORE: Charles Cohen speaks at 6:30 p.m., Feb. 27, at the Kansas City Public Library’s Plaza Branch. Tickets are free.