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Women In Soccer, Paseo YMCA, KC Creative Couples

Jul 31, 2013

President Obama Visits UCM, Lauds Missouri College Cost Cut Program

A western Missouri-based educational program was the lure to bring President Obama to speak in Warrensburg last week. The President said so, directly, in his address at the University of Central Missouri. Hear from some originators of what's known as the Missouri Innovation Campus.

Church Hosts Rally For Economic Opportunity And Equality

The last time Congress raised the federal minimum wage was four years ago. Last week's anniversary of that legislation has prompted many to push for higher minimum wages around the country in places like Ft. Lauderdale, Seattle and Boston. Here in Kansas City, church activists have been organizing their own fight for higher wages and greater economic opportunity. On Thursday evening in the Washington-Wheatly neighborhood, they held a rally to build support for their cause.

Paseo YMCA Takes One Step Closer To Reopening

For years, the old YMCA building was an eyesore at the entrance of the 18th and Vine District.  But over the last few years, the façade has been restored and the windows replaced. And, on the south wall, a giant mural has gone up of the legendary baseball player, coach and keeper of the Negro Leagues flame Buck O’Neil.  The building belongs to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. Officials there have long planned to turn it into the Buck O’Neil Education and Research Center. 

Hog Farmers Fish For New Markets

Americans eat millions of pounds of fish and seafood.  And government figures show that more than 80 percent of it is imported. But aquaculture doesn't require an ocean; it can be done in the middle of the country.

Kansas City Women Pave Their Path To The Soccer Pitch

Credit Sangeeta Shastry / KCUR

Major League Soccer’s All-Star Game is in Kansas City this week.  And with all the hoopla, it’s become clear nationally that our soccer star is on the rise. And whether it’s on the pitch or along the sidelines, girls and women are finding their niche in the game. 

Kansas City Creative Couples: Coats & Pachciarz

This week in our series on Kansas City's Creative Couples, we have the profile of two artists who met as teenagers in the Boston Ballet summer program. For over a decade, they’ve performed with the Kansas City Ballet. She’s often described as elegant; he’s boldly energetic. They say they relish the opportunity for a pas de deux, or a dance for two.