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Your Road Trip Memories

Jul 2, 2013

The interstate highway system makes road trips from state to state relatively hassle free. (Interstate highway signs in Utah.)
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Did your car break down five miles away from the closest gas station? Did you pass the time by playing the license plate game? What unexpected discoveries did you make while traveling America’s roads?

On Tuesday's Up to Date, Mark Sedenquist, the editor of RoadTrip America, gives you tips for you're next trek across the highways of America. 

Here are tips and advice from Sedenquist for the next time you plan that long trip in the car:

  1. Never go hungry by packing a cooler full of ice, drinks and snacks.
  2. In case of emergencies have extra blankets and candles on hand. 
  3. To stay updated on weather alerts, always have a CB radio in the car. 
  4. Get your hair cut at a local barber shop to find out the best places to eat in town.
  5. Make sure you take a rest after driving more than 10 hours. 

And, you to share your most memorable road trip stories – the good, the bad, and the bizarre. Tell us what journey you’d take again…and, which one you would never repeat. Tell us some of your road trip stories in the comments below!

Mark Sedqnquist is the editor of Roattrip America: advice, maps and resources for planning road trips in North American.