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Kansas Democrats Caucus, Have Questions

By Laura Ziegler

KANSAS CITY, MO – Kansas Democratic Party headquarters were swamped with calls Monday as people tried to find out more about Tuesday's caucus process. Party officials are anticipating a high voter turnout, based on response to outreach efforts, and campaign appearances in the state.

Most of the calls have been voters wondering where to caucus, and how the process works. Communications director Jenny Davidson says a caucus-locater on the Democratic Party's Web site shows where caucus sites in each state senate district are. She explains the process takes place in two steps, in which voters sign in when they arrive. They then align themselves with their chosen candidate in one part of the room to begin discussing and debate the merits of their man or woman.

That will happen actually twice, the first time they will take the initial count, and determine how many people are in each preliminary group, then you'll be able to re-align, you can leave your group, you can stay the same and get people to come with you, they'll make the final count and make the final announcement and delegates will be distributed determined to that second count, Davidson said.

Kansas has 41 delegates. Thirty-two will be selected tonight and the rest will be so-called superdelegates and selected later by party officials. Caucuses begin at 7 p.m. and last about an hour and a half.

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