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'Scott Pilgrim' Versus The Unfortunate Tendency To Review The Audience

Michael Cera is Scott Pilgrim in a new film that has prompted some naysayers to wonder: "Sure, there's the movie. But wouldn't it be more fun to talk about the people I think will like the movie?"By Linda Holmes/Monkey See Blog/NPR

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World may be one of the most heavily previewed movies in years. Promo screenings, preview screenings, Comic-Con ... it feels at times like everyone who really cares about it has seen it by now ? and the reviews have been rolling in for quite some time.

Full disclosure: I think it's great.

I also think it's so heavily stylized that it's bound not to be everyone's favorite film. It's not aiming to be liked by all; it's aiming to be adored by many. If director Edgar Wright weren't okay with the film's being polarizing, he'd have backed off from some of its delightful little quirks.

But I have to say to those reviewing it: what's completely unnecessary is being hostile and condescending about the target audience ? and I can say that, because I'm emphatically not part of it.

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