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Walker's Review: I'm Still Here


A strange, yet entertaining look at Joaquin Phoenix's supposed downward spiral.

From the moment two-time Oscar nominee Joaquin Phoenix announced he was quitting acting to pursue a career in hip-hop, his brother-in-law, actor Casey Affleck, has been filming him. The result is a "documentary" about this career shift, with emphasis on the quote marks around the word documentary.

The debate about whether or not it was a hoax ended with Affleck's announcement in the September 17th New York Times that that's exactly what it is. Given that, Phoenix is brilliant as a self-absorbed actor named Joaquin Phoenix on a downward spiral, culminating with his bizarre appearance on David Letterman's show last year.

Before the hoax was confirmed, many were concerned it was the uncomfortable chronicle of a life falling apart. It's very strange but quite entertaining.

- Steve Walker

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