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Top Of The Morning News: April 25, 2013

A Kansas City council committee considers making a curfew on the Plaza year round.  The Missouri House passes a sales tax bill and a bill criminalizing the enforcement of federal gun laws.  Rains have eased drought conditions in eastern Kansas.

The Epic Tale Of A Man, A Motorcycle And A Breast Cancer Bracelet

Earlier this year, Luis Belaustegui set off on a long, brutal, exotic journey, in an unprecedented way.  Belaustegui is a motorcycle racer from Argentina who lives in Kansas City. His adventures – and misadventures— in Peru, Chile and his native Argentina, come from racing in the Dakar Rally.  Read about his adventure and listen to the story here.

Racial, Police Issues Put Youth Curfew Change On Hold

A weekend of rowdy teens on the Plaza has prompted owner Highwoods Properties to ask that the youth summer curfew hour of 9PM be extended year-round, but the proposal met rough going in a council committee yesterday.  Find out more here.

Missouri House Passes Bill Criminalizing Enforcement Of Federal Gun Laws

The Missouri House has passed legislation that declares any future federal ban on semi-automatic weapons or large capacity clips is "unenforceable" in Missouri.  House Bill 170 also makes it a felony, punishable by up to four years in prison, for anyone to try and use a federal law to seize any firearm, clip or ammunition owned by a Missouri resident.  Find out more about the bill here.

Alternate Medicaid Proposal Dead In Missouri

An alternate Medicaid expansion bill that contained some reforms sought byMissouri House Republicans is all but dead this year. House Bill 700 would have expanded Medicaid to 180,000 Missourians, removed 44,000 children from the Medicaid rolls, allowed private insurers to compete to cover Medicaid recipients, and offered cash bonuses to motivate recipients to stay healthy.  Find out more about why it’s sponsor withdrew it here.

Missouri House Sends Amended Tax Bill Back To Senate

The Missouri House has passed a Senate bill that would overhaul the state’s income and sales taxes, but not before making a few changes.  First, the sales tax hike would be six-tenths of a percentage point, slightly higher than the Senate’s half-a-point, and extra revenues would go toward roads, schools and a new state mental hospital at Fulton.  The income tax cut is slightly smaller – two-thirds of a percentage point instead of three-fourths, and would only kick in if general revenues increase by $100 million. Read more here.

Two Local Libraries Get National Award

The John Cotton Dana Award is considered one of the most prestigious in the library marketing and public relations field.  Out of eight winners this year, two area libraries - Lawrence Public Library and Mid-Continent Public Library - were recognized.  Learn more here.

April Showers Reducing Drought In Some Areas

Eastern Kansas has been running above average for rainfall during April, which is improving drought conditions in some areas.   Find out more about the drought here.

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