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Christmas Is Over – But What About Your Tree?

It’s been January for nearly a week, which means that Christmas is now a distant memory. But for many people, one vestige of the holiday remains: the Christmas tree. So when is the right time to take it down?

For some, there are religious reasons to keep it up. Today, January 5, is traditionally the 12th day of Christmas, and therefore, the final day for the tree. Others wait to celebrate the Epiphany on January 6. And there are those who commemorate Jesus’ baptism on January 10. But for some, resolving when to take down the Christmas tree is an annual enigma.

CNN’s Brian Stelter found out how many people have strong opinions on the topic when he asked: “How late into January can I credibly leave up a Christmas tree?” on his Facebook page. He joins Here & Now’s Robin Young and Meghna Chakrabarti to discuss the question.

Correction: The city of Ann Arbor no longer picks up Christmas trees. Residents have until Jan. 31 to drop off their trees at four locations around town. Trees that aren’t dropped off by then must be “cut, bundled and saved” until compost collection resumes in April. More information here.


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