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Brexit Proponent Resigning As Head Of U.K. Independence Party

Nigel Farage says he is resigning as head of the U.K. Independence Party now following the vote to leave the European Union. He says he'll stay in the European Parliament to help negotiate the exit.

Another British politician is stepping aside because of the vote to exit the European Union. This time it's Nigel Farage, one of the chief proponents of the Brexit vote, who is resigning as head of the U.K. Independence Party because the country is getting out of the European Union. His goal is achieved, he says.

Lauren Frayer reports from London for our Newscast desk that Farage says his work is done. "I've done my bit," he says, "I couldn't possibly achieve more than we managed to get in that referendum."

Farage says he will keep his seat in the European Parliament while Britain negotiates the terms of its exit.

Last week another Brexit proponent, former London Mayor Boris Johnson of the Conservative Party, said he wouldn't run for prime minister as had been expected.

Prime Minister David Cameron of the Conservatives is resigning because he disagrees with the outcome of the referendum. Among the candidates to succeed him are Home Secretary Theresa May and Justice Secretary Michael Gove. May was in favor of staying in the EU and Gove wanted to leave.

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