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'York Project' Revisited: NPR Catches Up With Four 2008 Voters

The York Project, a series of stories that aired on NPR in 2008, about race and the election.
David Deal

We're near the end of an eight-year chapter in American history, one that began with the election of Barack Obama in 2008. It's ending as a new president takes power after another election that forced Americans to confront questions of race.

Back in 2008, NPR visited York, Pa., to talk to more than a dozen voters about race and the election. Those 8-year-old recordings are like a time capsule now. And the online interactive that complemented the radio stories similarly feels like digital flashback. If your browser supports Flash, read more about the 15 voters hereand see a photo gallery of York, Pa., here. You can hear the radio stories here.

We want to reintroduce you to that series of stories, called the York Project, because this week on Morning Edition,host Steve Inskeep revisits York, after the victory of President-elect Donald Trump, and talks to some of the voters he met eight years ago.

On Thursday, Morning Edition will air new conversations with four of them. Find those four profiles here. And on Friday, they discuss race and the 2008 and 2016 elections. That story is here.

Click on the audio above — one of the original 2008 York Project stories — to hear voters react to Barack Obama winning the election.

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