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YouTube HQ Completely Evacuated After Shooting


We begin this hour with more news of the shooting today at YouTube headquarters. Three people were taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds. The suspect is dead, police say, of a self-inflicted gunshot. And joining us from the town of San Bruno, Calif., is Tonya Mosley. She's an editor at KQED. And Tonya, I understand that you've heard more from the police department. They had a press briefing recently. What did you learn?

TONYA MOSLEY, BYLINE: So the San Bruno Police Department held a briefing, as you said, just about 30 minutes ago, and they said that this is no longer an active scene. It's now an investigation. While they're not confirming 100 percent that the person that was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound is indeed the shooter, they're saying that they are not looking for any other suspects. And so that person is a suspect. They also told us that they don't have any word on whether or not this woman worked for YouTube or if she knew someone at the company.

CORNISH: Do they have any more information about her potential motive? Have they ruled anything out?

MOSLEY: All we know is that she's in her 30s. We're not certain if she was an employee here, as I said, or if she knew someone here. They said they'll be spending the next few hours piecing together the timeline, interviewing potential witnesses and really piecing together what might have brought her to this particular point as a suspect.

CORNISH: Just want to raise with you something that we had heard from San Bruno City Manager's office that SWAT teams stayed to go room to room there. What do you know about that?

MOSLEY: Right. So they worked in conjunction with the local police department, and the FBI were here. And they went through every piece of the campus. So this campus is small by measures like Google and Facebook. Those are huge campuses. This one - there are three buildings here. They went room by room. They wanted to make certain that there were no more injuries. And also, they wanted to make certain that there were no more potential shooters inside the premises, inside of those buildings.

CORNISH: Can you tell us a little bit about San Bruno as a community, maybe the role that YouTube headquarters has there.

MOSLEY: Yeah, so while this is considered a Silicon Valley, it's not Silicon Valley proper. So it's about 15 minutes south of San Francisco, very close to the airport. I'm standing right now in a very industrial area. There are a couple of residential areas alongside that butt against many of the smaller tech companies that take up this space. Not much happens here. It's a quiet community, and so everyone is shocked.

CORNISH: That's Tonya Mosley of member station KQED. Thank you for your time.

MOSLEY: Thank you. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

Tonya Mosley
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