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Why Trump Failed | Avila University's Winning Football Program

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NASA / Bill Ingalls
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Despite being impeached twice, Donald Trump has not ruled out another run at the presidency in 2024.

A look at the former president's chances of making a political comeback, and Kansas City's only college football team is poised for a championship season.

Segment 1, beginning at 4:56: Donald Trump has vowed to return to the national political scene following his November loss to Joe Biden.

Having received more votes in losing than when he won in 2016, Donald Trump maintains a strong base of supporters. Sarah Kendzior expressed concern. calling Trump "a vehicle for a number of bad actors and their agendas." Should Trump not run again, who among Republicans could be the party's next presidential candidate?

Segment 2, beginning at 31:37: The Chiefs are not the only football team in Kansas City having a great year.

The Eagles, Avila University’s football team, made a startling turnaround in recent years, transforming itself from a losing program to being a top contender for a conference championship this spring.

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