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Homeless And Cold In Kansas City | Being Your Own Stockbroker

Carlos Moreno/KCUR 89.3
A man who identified himself as "Jason" found some shelter Thursday morning in an alcove outside Auditorium Plaza Garage. He spent the night in Bartle Hall but was uncertain where he would go during the day to keep warm and was unaware of the extreme cold heading this way.

The cold weather is making life even more difficult for Kansas City's homeless population and the Smart Money Experts share tips for buying and selling your own stocks.

Segment 1, beginning at 5:23: Kansas City's arctic temperatures highlight the need for a long term housing solution.

As temperatures in the Kansas City metro continue to drop, hundreds of people without homes are left out in the cold. In addition to offering temporary shelters in places like Bartle Hall, Stephanie Boyer from reStart Inc. says Kansas City needs to figure out how to prevent people from falling into homelessness in the first place.

Segment 2, beginning at 32:55: Beginner tips for buying and selling your own stocks.

Recent news reports about GameStop and Bitcoin may have you itching to try your hand at an online trading app. The Smart Money Experts admit that apps like Robinhood have changed the game for individual investors, but there are both pros and cons to being your own stockbroker or investing in cryptocurrency.

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