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US Sen. Roy Blunt | US Rep. Sharice Davids | Kansas City Architect Jonathan Cole

A rendering of the part of Troost Village along Troost Avenue between Linwood Boulevard and 31st Street
Pendulum Studio LLC
Midtown Development Partners
The ongoing Troost Village project at Linwood Avenue and 31st Street is just one of several involving Jonathan Cole's architecture firm Pendulum KC.

Missouri's senior senator and the representative from Kansas' 3rd congressional district talk infrastructure and the child tax credit, and we meet the principal of one of the few Black-owned architecture firms in the nation.

Segment 1, beginning at 1:00: When it comes to finding an infrastructure amount both sides can agree upon Sen. Roy Blunt said, "We can find ways to do this."

Sen. Blunt was one of five Republican senators to meet with President Biden this week to talk about the president's proposed plan for repairing, replacing, building and adding to the physical underpinnings of the country. For openers, Blunt noted, "I think if we can define infrastructure in a way both sides are comfortable with, we have a real chance to move forward."

Segment 2, beginning at 14:00: The Child Tax Credit has been expanded for 2021. Rep. Sharice Davids says that could benefit close to 151,000 children in her district.

Families could benefit from the expansion of the Child Tax Credit. As Davids pointed out, there's a $3,600 credit for each child under 6 and $3,000 credit for children aged 6 to 17. To begin receiving the monthly payments, eligible families must file their taxes by the May 17 deadline.

Segment 3, beginning at 26:25: Jonathan Cole made his name designing sport stadiums. Now he's focusing on reshaping Kansas City, Missouri.

Cole got his start with stadiums on an arena project originally meant for the Oakland A's baseball team. After building 22 minor league baseball parks, he's branching out with projects like Troost Village at Linwood Avenue and 31st Street in Kansas City, Missouri. For Cole, the most gratifying thing about being an architect is "designing something that's going to stand for, could be, a hundred years."

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