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91.9 Classical KC is now 91.9 Classical KelCe

A red and yellow image of Travis Kelce pointing a finger upwards at the words 91.9 Classical Kelce

Following the back-to-back Super Bowl wins for the Chiefs, 91.9 Classical KelCe is committed to programming music that honors the Chiefs' championship ring cycle with a moniker that pays homage to the team's star tight end.

91.9 Classical KC is excited to announce our official transition to 91.9 Classical KelCe. This change in direction will not negatively impact the quality of our programming. Rather, it will bring it to new heights.

In Kansas City, we know that the numbers 15 and 87 represent an opus of playing greatness. Here at 91.9 Classical KelCe, we are still your 24 hour source for graceful movements on and off the field - no false starts in sight. As you listen, you will experience soundbites and facts about Kansas City's dynastic NFL team alongside the music you love and rely on.

If you are a fan of Travis Kelce and the Chiefs due to their connection to Taylor Swift, we have taken that into account by programming pieces that correlate with her different musical eras.

In addition to his success in football, Travis' brother Jason plays the baritone saxophone, crediting music education and his former band director for success in sports. You'll hear from him throughout our programming day, emphasizing the importance of music education.

We understand that Travis Kelce's media presence has expanded far beyond the football field, as is shown by his relationship with Ms. Swift and his successful podcast: New Heights. Plus, he likes to listen to classical music to unwind, and we hope that 91.9 Classical KelCe will be his new source for pre- and post-game musical inspiration. Alright, now!

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