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Arranged Marriages Part 2, Kansas Redistricting


The show for June 3, 2012. Click "Listen" to hear the entire show; see below for individual stories:

Arranged Marriages In Kansas City: Part 2

Rina Mehta’s life was all planned out. In her first two years of high school, she lived the life of a normal middle class teenager. That is until she turned 16, when the Indian tradition of arranged marriage caused her to rebel against her parent’s choice of a husband.

What Kansas Looked Like Then And What It Looks Like Now

Author Monroe Dodd talks about his new book of photos, Kansas: Then and Now, which features historic photos of Kansas towns and landscapes, alongside current photos of the same places.

EXPLAINER: Redistricting In Kansas

When the Kansas legislature adjourned on Friday, they failed to set new geographic boundaries for congressional representatives, the state senate, the state House of Representatives and the Board of Education.  That's a task they're supposed to complete every 10 years, after new census numbers come out.  But this year, the job of redrawing the maps is now in the hands of three federal judges in Kansas City, Kansas.  What went wrong, and what are the implications for Kansans?

Encyclopedia Of Black Radio Compiled By Lawrence Teacher

Lawrence resident and school teacher Ryan Ellett has compiled the first-ever Encyclopedia of Black Radio in the United States: 1921-1955

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