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Where To Get A Burrito In Kansas City While Chipotle Is Closed

Jen Arrr
Flickr Creative Commons
Even without Chipotle there are still a ton of places to get a great burrito in Kansas City.

 As I’m sure you heard, Chipotle will beclosed on Monday, Feb. 8 from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m, for a company-wide meeting on food safety after E. coli, salmonella and norovirus were linked to illnesses at its restaurants

The closure over the lunch hour is likely to cause panic for burrito (and burrito bowl) lovers across the metro, but don’t fret — there are still tons of places to get a great burrito in Kansas City. Here’s a list from our food criticsand the internet.

KCUR's Food Critics:

  • Dos de Orossouth Kansas City. 
  • Carniceria San Antonio, Kansas City, Kansas.
    "A great selection of basics, such as pollo, asada (grilled beef), pastor (marinated pork), but also buche (hog maw), carnitas (fried pork), barbacoa (steamed beef), chile relleno, and lengua (tongue)," said KCUR food critic Pete Dulin
  • Burrito Bros, Kansas City's River Market neighborhood.  
  • FreebirdsKansas City's Westport neighborhood.
    "It's a chain, but it's pretty good," mentioned KCUR food critic Mary Bloch
  • Teocali, Kansas City's Hospital Hill neighborhood.
    "Owner Enrique Gutierrez's mom, who does the cooking, does a great job. It’s just a great representation of good flavors. You might be getting a burrito, but it has that flavor from traditional spices. It’s not a burrito that has a bunch of cheese on top to cover everything else," said KCUR food critic Carmen Gramajo. 


  • Pancho’sMidtown Kansas City, Overland Park, Kansas and Independence, Missouri.
    "Breakfast burrito is good anytime, with ham, eggs, cheese, potatoes, and pico," said reviewer Scott Baltzell
  • Jalapeno’sOverland Park, Kansas.
  • Manny’s, Kansas City's Crossroads neighborhood.
  • Margarita’s, various locations throughout the metro.
    "Burritos are my fav. Been coming here 30 years! Still as good as it was in the beginning. Great food and service," said reviewer Mark Isnard Murray.
  • Ponak’sdowntown Kansas City.
  • Eden Alley Vegetaria, Country Club Plaza in Kansas City.
  • Succotash, Kansas City's Longfellow neighborhood.
    "Go for the Maggie Cristo or Burrito of Love! Unless you're counting calories :-) And don't miss out on the fresh squeezed juices! Kiss Me FTW!" shared reviewer Jessica Best.
  • Los Tules: downtown Kearney, Missouri.


  • Burritos To Go, North Kansas City.
    "Working in a nearby office, this place is one of my go to's when craving burritos. Their special on the steak and shrimp is decently priced, hits the spot, and I consistently can only finish 2/3 of it at best," raved reviewer Jason H. 
  • Los Alamos Market y Cocina, downtown Kansas City. 
  • El Burrito Mexican CafeNorth Kansas City. 
  • Ricos Tacos LupesSouthwest Boulevard near downtown Kansas City.  
    "Le-freakin-git street tacos? CHECK. Bomb donkey kong burritos? CHECK. Salsa's that make your tongue dance? CHECK." announced reviewer Mwineland25
  • Cancun Fiesta Fresh, Kansas City's Westport neighborhood.  
    "I love this authentic little Mexican restaurant. It's cheap, good portions, and fast. Plus they deliver!" said reviewer Alan S.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Add them in the comments.
And when Chipotle is open again, you should order a “Quesarito," you deserve it for going an entire day without Chipotle. 

A “Quesarito” is a burrito with a cheese quesadilla as a shell, and it’s been hiding on Chipotle’s secret menu this entire time. Give it a try, you’ll thank me.

Kyle J Smith is an intern for KCUR’s Digital Team. You can find him on Twitter @kjs_37.

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