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Why Non-Voters Skip The Polls


Kansas City, MO – Even with a historic November election staring them in the face, there are citizens who will not be casting a ballot this year because they choose not to vote.

On the August 5 edition of Up to Date, we examined non-voters, the reasons they forego going to the polls and what effect their decision not to participate has on the direction elected officials take on issues and policies.

Jason Whitlock, a sports columinst for The Kansas City Star, in a column posted in March of this year titled My Letter to Barack Obama wrote, "I am not political. Dishonesty is so pervasive within politics that I practice abstinence. Conservative and liberal ideologies are the enemies of common sense. I'm a nonvoting, casual observer."

Jason Whitlock joined Steve Kraske to discuss his non-voting stance, the fact that he does not advocate for others to follow his example and what he would have to see in the political process to convince him to take part in an election. We also looked at non-voters as a group to see who makes up this subset, whether their numbers are on the rise and the impact of their decision not to participate.

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