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Former GOP Chair Looks Back To 1996 Convention

Woody Cozad, attorney and former chairman of the Missouri Republican Party
photo: courtesy of KCPT
Woody Cozad, attorney and former chairman of the Missouri Republican Party


Kansas City, MO – It was 1996 when Republicans convened at the convention in San Diego to nominate the favorite son of Kansas, Senator Bob Dole. John "Woody" Cozad led Missouri Republicans at that convention. KCUR's Dan Verbeck talked with him about the current convention and has an account.

The Platte County conservative chaired the state party from late 1995 to early '99. San Diego was his first and last convention.

In Cozad's estimation, the current party gathering in Minneapolis has a chance for an evolution from what the GOP has become over the last eight years. Cozad says Senator John McCain wants a fighter backing him, a reason to choose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as running mate.

As a rookie to national politics, Palin will win or lose early, according to Cozad: "If she (Palin) falls on her face, either in a big way or repeatedly in say, the first thirty days of this, then it'll hurt the ticket."

And if she stays on her feet the first thirty of the remaining 60 days until election, Cozad sees Palin as a great party gain coming out of the convention.

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