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Two gay men, who do not want to be identified for safety reasons, left Chechnya after being kidnapped and beaten there. Gregory (left) says he was held for 12 days in a basement. Arnie (right) says he was disowned by his relatives after he was delivered back to his family unconscious, in a burlap bag. They spoke with NPR at a safe house in Moscow.

Natalie Winston

Natalie Winston is the Executive Producer of All Things Considered on the weekends. She has led the show through coverage of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting and many other breaking news events. She also led a remote team for a weekend of coverage from Puerto Rico at the start of the 2018 hurricane season.

During her time at NPR, Winston has brought her love of news to the Washington Desk, Talk of the Nation, Here & Now, Weekend Edition, and Morning Edition. While at Morning Edition, she traveled to Houston to cover Hurricane Harvey. She was also editor on the team that hosted Morning Edition live from Moscow. The team's reporting on gay men who had fled Chechnya won an Edward R. Murrow Award.