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Are You Going To Eat That?

We asked Kansas Citians for their questions about food safety, and we got an earful. A food scientist answers questions about 10-year-old frozen chickens and more.
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We live in a world where there's something remarkable about a clean plate after a meal. But that's just one small piece of the food waste equation. Visits to farms, a meat processing plant, a compost heap, grocery stores and Kansas Citians' kitchens help us understand why there's so much food nobody's eating. 

For more information about food safety, check out this handy chart from the USDA.


  • Kris Husted, reporter, Harvest Public Media
  • Jena Roberts, vice president of business development, The National Food Lab
  • Karin Page, gleaning program director, After the Harvest KC
  • Peggy Lowe, reporter, Harvest Public Media
  • Cassandra Profita, reporter, Harvest Public Media