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Audiofiles: 7 Scary Podcasts

Oct 31, 2018

Whether it be kitschy or creepy, there is a scary story out there for everyone. Here are recommendations from two audiofiles who shared their favorite spooky-themed podcasts on the Halloween episode of Central Standard.

Madeline FoxKansas News Service reporter

  • "Criminal": A podcast all about crime. These are true stories of criminals, victims and people who got caught up in the middle of it all. Episode 71: A Bump in the Night is about a woman who lives alone and hears footsteps. Who is there?
  • "Deadly Manners": Love "Clue" the movie? Check out this podcast; a fictional story where guests at a dinner party find a dead body after the power goes out. Who is to blame?
  • "Limetown": The true story of 300 residents in a small town in Tennessee who mysteriously vanished, including the narrator's relatives. What happened? Season 2 is now available.
  • "All Fantasy Everything": Had enough spooky? Turn to this podcast that drafts casts of anything and everything. They even draft a team of their favorite Autumn things.

Mike RussoKCUR director of marketing

  • "Adventures in New America": A fictional, comedic podcast about two partners in crime exploring the ups and downs in a desperate New America.
  • "Here Be Monsters": What's the best way to get over your fears? Face them in this podcast about the scary and the unknown.
  • "Adventure Zone": A live Dungeons and Dragons fantasy role-playing game, made by a family of father and three sons. It is more heart-warming and funny than the previous recommendations.

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