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Barack Obama Receives Party's Nomination

Aug 26, 2008

The delegates are counted in Denver, and the Democrats have officially nominated Senator Barack Obama for president.

Some feel the historic nature of the convention has been overshadowed by Senator Hillary Clinton's own history making presidential run. Though many members of the Missouri delegation feel the race issue has been handled perfectly. KCUR's Frank Morris reports from Denver, Colo.

AMB: Nixon announcing the vote

Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon read the tally Missouri. Both Kansas and Missouri went heavily for Obama in the end with delegates caging their votes right up until they were cast.

Missouri delegate Andria Simpkis says she thinks today's vote could help turn a corner on race relations. "Barack is a very qualified individual who happens to be black," says Simpkis. "One thing we all want to do is reach a point where race or gender no longer matter."