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Bartle Hall Roof Leaks, Repairs Coming Soon

Aug 20, 2015

It can be pretty frustrating: you have people in and it rains and the roof leaks. 

That is what has been happening for several years at Bartle Hall according to Kansas City Director of Convention and Entertainment Facilities Oscar McGaskey.

Mc Gaskey told the City Council Finance Committee on Wednesday that the roof at Bartle is beyond patchwork repairs and “in bad shape.”

He says exhibitors keep asking him when it will be repaired.

“We had the auto show,” McGaskey said,  “we had vendors where the roof ... where they had leaks in their booths on their cars, and it's just a very embarrassing situation for us.”

So the council committee signed off on a $1.4 million contract to replace the 23-year-old roof on the convention center. 

Bids are taken and a contract with JR & Co., is waiting to be signed. McGaskey says the company is ready to start work as soon as the contract is finalized.

The full council is expected to give its approval next Thursday, and the roofing work could be done by around Thanksgiving.