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The Best Eats In Kansas City's Historic Northeast

Jun 5, 2014

Authentic tacos, African cuisine, and pastries are just some of the diverse food options available in Northeast Kansas City.
Credit Russell Mondy / Flickr-CC

This year, KCUR is embarking on a project called "Beyond Our Borders," an attempt to take a closer look at the cultural and geographical borders in Kansas City.

The first border we are examining is Troost Avenue, which acts as a racial and socioeconomic dividing line in Kansas City's urban core. 

Part of this ongoing conversation about Troost included the Historic Northeast in Kansas City, a part of town that is well known for its racial, cultural and socioeconomic diversity. On Thursday's Central Standard, guests Charles Ferruzza​ and Bobbi Baker-Hughes sat down with Gina Kaufmann to highlight the cuisine that comes part and parcel with that diversity. 

Here are their picks for the best restaurants in the Northeast: