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The Best Kansas City Music of 2013 - So Far

Jun 25, 2013

Local hip hop artist and rapper, Reach, performs on stage.
Credit Jordan Smith - Creative Commons

Is your iTunes library lacking a local flare? From jazz acts to hip hop artists and everything in between, KCUR has its finger on the pulse of local music. 

On Wednesday's Up to Date, Steve Kraske talks with music experts Bill Brownlee, a blogger for The Pitch, Chris Haghirian, Nightlife Marketing Specialist at INK magazine, and Michelle Bacon, editor-in-chief  of The Deli Kansas City, about what music is catching Kansas City's ears. 

Bill Brownlee's List

  1. "21st Century Ragg" by Matt Kane Trio
  2. "If You Say So" by The Grisly Hand 
  3. “Branches on the Arrow Peak Revel” by The Appleseed Cast
  4. "Tharsis" by Pat Metheny
  5. “Super Stereo Blaster” by Reach
  6. "Come Back To Life" by Hospital Ships
  7. "Breakthrough" by Eldar Djangirov Trio

Michelle Bacon's List

  1. "Riverview" by The Pedaljets
  2. "The Loon" by The Jinxed 
  3. "Cyclone" by Schwervon! 
  4. "End of Time" by Silver Maggies
  5. "The Shivers" by The Architects 
  6. "Ghost" by Tiny Horse

Chris Haghirian's List

  1. "Let It Down" by Cowboy Indian Bear
  2. "Tourniquets" by The Latenight Callers
  3. "Back To The Sun" by Clairaudients
  4. "Devil's Heavy 12 Gauge" by Cadillac Flambe
  5. "Bang Goes The Gun" by Not A Planet (Nate, Bill and Liam)
  6. "Animate" by Brain Food


Bill Brownlee is a music critic for The Star. He blogs at at, Kansas City's top jazz blog.

Michelle Bacon is the editor of the Deli Magazine Kansas City, a nationally based online magazine about local music.

Chris Haghirian is with Ink Magazine and puts out a music podcast at The Mailbox.